KeystoneDepth: History in 3D

Supplementary Materials

Overview of KeystoneDepth Collection

Below is an example of one entry in the KeystoneDepth collection, which we plan to make publicly available at a website that will make it easy to download subsets or the collection in its entirety. Each entry will contain the original stereograph, rectified stereo images, a disparity map, and metadata.

More details

Video Visualization of Historical 3D Scenes

We ran our view synthesis approach on the stereographs in the KeystoneDepth collection, resulting in lots of high quality results. Many, however, have artifacts of various kinds. To better understand the distribution of quality and artifacts, we conducted a user study on Amazon Mechanical Turk. We randomly sample 400 entries and ask 5 participants to categorize them into three classes: "very few artifacts", "small artifacts" and "big artifacts". Please click the links below to see representative examples of each category for reviewer calibration.

Rectification Result Comparison

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